In the hot summer, come to the new school with a uneasy feeling. First, the school use English camp this activity to let us know about the school. This lively activity has led us to understand this new environment. I think this is a good manner. I was an introverted person. I'm not good at making fridents in a short time. And I doesn't like dancing, acting or do some performances but I like do some static activity like reading some novel, play piano or play reedpipe. That's my hobby. So when I performing in front of everyone that I will feel have a little bit pressure, but fortunately I graduated from the bilingual school. There has foreigner teach us. So the English teacher's explanation, I can understand approximately. This summer camp is in English so we can improve our English proficiency. Today's mini olympics, we got the most flags, but perhap because sound is not loud enough. So we tied with C30, but I'm very happy. However, I really love this summer camp because the teachers are all foreigners and they are fervent and gave us more freeom let us feel very relax. I hope we can have this summer camp next year.



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